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September 29, 2023x
01:07:0946.15 MB

The Nun Is Like Mother

The Fangirls don’t demand much, but they do demand your attention this week as they sit down and ch...

September 22, 2023x
00:57:2839.5 MB

Millennials Everywhere Can Relate

This week finds The Fangirls having to pivot a bit due to a last minute change, but they make it wo...

September 15, 2023x
01:18:3253.96 MB

We Make a Whole Brain Cell

It’s that time of the year where we break out the cozy blankets and hot cocoa and snuggle up with a...

September 08, 2023x
01:18:0153.61 MB

Why Am I Wearing So Many Pants?!

Pinch us because we’re definitely dreaming! The Fangirls sat down and chatted with #1 New York Time...

September 01, 2023x
01:34:1764.78 MB

Because My Brain is Dumbed Down Always

Evil is hiring and The Fangirls have answered the call! Join them as they dive into Hannah Nicole M...

August 25, 2023x
01:16:0852.32 MB

We Are So Smart…On Accident

The Fangirls are BACK, BABY! You’ll notice a few changes, but they are just as off their game and o...

July 21, 2023x
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The Title Is Not Revealed Yet, But It Is Revealed

Did you hear something? That was just The Fangirls incoherently screaming because they got to sit d...

June 02, 2023x
01:41:5670.03 MB

The Ending Confused the F*ck Outta Me

The end is here…kind of! In the mid-season finale, The Fangirls sit down with debut author Dominic ...