The Incoherent Fangirl

The Incoherent Fangirl

Two fangirls, one podcast, a whole bunch of nonsense - a weekly escape from reality in which fangirls Mandy and Karin discuss all things fandom related...incoherently.
April 05, 2024x
01:02:1242.75 MB

Nothing Hurts Like an Adam Silvera Book

An episode a year in the making…The Fangirls finally get to sit down and chat with Adam Silvera abo...

March 29, 2024x
01:09:3747.84 MB

I’ve Never Shipped Eight Year Olds Before

The Fangirls judged a book by its cover and it brought them a hilarious and fun interview with indi...

March 22, 2024x
01:07:3946.49 MB

Prepare For Chaos

Once upon a time, The Fangirls brought you along as they adventured into a very cozy fantasy advent...

March 15, 2024x
01:16:2152.46 MB

Oh My God, I Relate to That!

From the moment The Fangirls read the description for Jessica Lepe’s debut novel FLIRTY LITTLE SECR...

March 08, 2024x
01:03:0743.38 MB

It’s Fine, Just Casually Dying

The Fangirls (kind of) take a trip north of the border this week—they chatted with CANADIAN BOYFRIE...

March 01, 2024x
00:59:2840.87 MB

I Don’t Trust That Victoria Lady

Don’t worry, that incoherent screaming you heard was just The Fangirls losing their minds (and thei...

February 23, 2024x
00:58:0939.96 MB

Hey, You’re Gonna Get Representation!

The Fangirls find themselves represented in ways they never imagined when they sit down and chat wi...

February 16, 2024x
01:17:4353.4 MB

I Beg Your Sincerest Pardon

The Fangirls prove that fangirl truly is just a state of mind as they welcome fangirl and new besti...