A weekly escape from reality in which fangirls Mandy and Karin discuss all things fandom related...incoherently.

Our story begins in 2016. Mandy and Karin, two strangers on the internet, join the same Facebook group. Mandy gets upgraded to a moderator while Karin quietly assesses the vibe of the group. Eventually, Karin comes out of her shell slowly and starts posting in the group. Karin looks at Mandy with starry eyes, slowly working up the courage to send a friend request. Mandy was a moderator - one of the cool kids - and Karin had never been cool. It would take until late 2017 before Karin finally has the courage and sends a friend request. To her surprise, Mandy accepts!

Fast forward to 2018. Karin and Mandy are solidly friends. They are both deep into Funko collecting and send messages back and forth about finding things for the other. Mandy is deeply invested in Karin's dating life and Karin just laughs at the hilarity of it all. The two eventually swap phone numbers and take their friendship to a whole new level.

Their friendship enters a new era again the following year. Mandy has planned a trip to Disneyland to celebrate her 30th birthday and it perfectly coincides with a previously planned trip for Karin, a Disneyland annual pass holder. They plan to meet up to spend the weekend hanging out (in a group, at Disneyland, with easy access to slip away if either proved to be really weird...or a serial killer) and have the best time!

The two continue to text back and forth constantly, keeping current with the events of each other's lives. When the COVID-19 pandemic hits, they both find their way to TikTok - Mandy landing herself on BookTok quickly and Karin fumbling around everywhere because she is obsessed with all the things. Karin comes across a creator who mentions having a podcast and begins listening. While listening to an episode, one of the co-hosts encourages listeners to just "do the thing." A spark emerges. Karin sleeps on it. The idea continues rattling around in her head the next morning so she takes the plunge and texts Mandy.

K: I have a question for you but you have to promise that you will read it to the tune of "do you wanna build a snowman" from Frozen 😂
M: deal
K: Do you wanna start a podcast? It doesn't have to be a podcast...

And thus, The Incoherent Fangirl was born.

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