Season 2

December 29, 2023x
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I Was Searching For the Ending

It’s the end of 2023 and (finally) the end of season two—and boy do we go out with a BANG! The Fang...

December 08, 2023x
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I Don’t Know Wolf Anatomy!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to gather a couple of fangirls together that can’t sta...

November 10, 2023x
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People Thought I Was a Tour Guide!

In the first of a series of minisodes during the break, The Fangirls sat down and chatted with awar...

November 03, 2023x
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There Were So Many Choices

The 2nd Annual Kandy Awards are here! The Fangirls struggle through the pain of narrowing down thei...

October 27, 2023x
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Gotta Have a Little Bit of a Tragic Backstory

She’s back again! The Fangirls sit down with 5ever bestie of the podcast Amber D. Lewis to chat abo...

October 20, 2023x
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Did you hear some incoherent screaming? Don’t worry about it, that’s just The Fangirls freaking out...

October 13, 2023x
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Hashtag Chinese Immigrant Mother

It’s another shorter episode for The Fangirls as they prep for next week’s epic episode. Curious as...

October 06, 2023x
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My Brain is Oozing Out of My Nose

This week, The Fangirls dealt with a little extra chaos in their lives, but still found time to be ...