Lyndsay Murray is thrilled that her family bakery, Spice Isle Bakery, is a vendor at Brooklyn’s annual Caribbean American Heritage Festival, but things turn sour when Camille, the lead singer of an up-and-coming reggae band, is found dead. The police think that it was just a tragic accident, but Lyndsay’s cousin was close to Camille and thinks otherwise. And now Lyndsay is back to investigating a murder to ensure that a killer is brought to justice.

This is the third book in the Spice Isle Bakery Mysteries series and, at this point, I would probably keep my distance from Lyndsay Murray. Poor thing has been accused of murder, her mother has been accused of murder, and now someone close to her family is found dead. Despite it all, Lyndsay keeps her head up and doesn’t let thing get her down for too long.

Lyndsay’s close-knit family is incredibly warm and inviting, allowing readers to feel like they have a safe home even if just for a little while. They believe in Lyndsay fully and, even when they are meddling, everything they do is out of love for each other. This story is very much a cozy mystery, but it does also have some tense moments that get the blood pumping and the anxiety rising (but it doesn't last long).

Oh man, and the food! This may be a book about a murder, but Matthews also finds a way to highlight all the excellent food that Spice Isle features. It made me want to book a flight and head to Brooklyn to visit Little Caribbean immediately!

COCONUT DROP DEAD is the third book in Olivia Matthews’ Spice Isle Bakery Mysteries series. While it does build on the two books before it, I might be bold enough to say you could read it as a standalone (though I wouldn’t!). Head over and grab a copy for yourself here and, while you’re at it, grab the first two books in the series as well, AGAINST THE CURRANT and HARD DOUGH HOMICIDE.

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