All I needed to see was the title to know that I wanted to read The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks by Shauna Robinson. A banned. book. shop. Are you kidding me?!

This story follows none other than Maggie Banks as she takes over a small book shop in Bell River, Virginia while her friend (the shop's proprietor) goes out on maternity leave. Unfortunately for Maggie, life isn't just reading and selling books, especially when the book shop's investor Ralph makes it his goal to make her job (and life) miserable. He's a mustachioed twerp of man (who is decidedly NOT the love interest thankyouverymuch) who takes Bell River's tourism industry WAY too seriously--so much so that Ralph won't let her sell any books that are not considered "literary classics." I know, I know. I rolled my eyes a lot, too, because you and I both know that "literary classic" is a very subjective term. So, Maggie takes it upon herself to start an underground ring of book sales and events, giving the people what they want right under Ralph's nose. 

I really really enjoyed reading this book! It was a lighthearted, low stakes, and quick read but packed a punch in the "yes girl, you stick it to the man!" department. Maggie will make you so freaking proud because she is not afraid to take risks and is never ashamed to do what she feels is right. I had both the Kindle and audio ARCs of this book, which made reading it quickly a breeze. My only complaint is one that I'm sure will be caught in editing--at the end of chapter 31, there is a snippet of shuffling papers and the narrator (jovially) sighing. 

There's a cute little romance as a subplot that kept me cheesing like an idiot, and the grumpy-sunshine friendship that Maggie develops with the bookshop's upstairs neighbor is absolutely precious. We stan Vernon!

I'm a total slacker lately, but that's to your benefit: The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks by Shauna Robinson is out and ready for you to read it! Pick it up wherever you get your books!

Love and Prune Salad (blergh),