A collection of short stories that brings us back to the Celestial Kingdom and expands the world we already know and love. Told from the POVs of various characters and spanning the time before, during, and after the original duology, it’s a beautiful way to honor Xingyin’s journey while still letting us return to the world for a little while.

These short stories filled my soul in a way that I never knew I wanted or needed after reading the original duology. It is truly the perfect complement to Xingyin’s story by allowing us to see her parents meet and fall in love, to see the story we know from completely different perspectives, and providing us with an epilogue that is truly just a sweet indulgence I never expected.

In addition to some beautiful stories, this collection also features gorgeous illustrations by Kelly Chong. They are placed throughout the book and are a wonderful complement to Tan’s words, bringing the stories to life in a completely different way.

TALES OF THE CELESTIAL KINGDOM by Sue Lynn Tan is a wonderful addition to her debut duology and is available now. Pick up a copy here and make sure you’ve read DAUGHTER OF THE MOON GODDESS and HEART OF THE SUN WARRIOR prior to diving into the short stories!

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