Um…my boss subscribed to my OnlyFans…

I’m definitely not jealous of Cassie in this scenario!

I was over the moon when I found out that NetGalley and Berkeley approved my request for an ARC of The Nanny by Lana Ferguson. I’ve been patiently awaiting this author’s debut for what feels like forever now, and she certainly did not disappoint!

The Nanny follows Cassie, an OnlyFans creator who…caught feelings. That is, until her favorite subscriber ghosted her. To heal, she vows to quit OnlyFans and finds a gig as a live-in nanny to a super hot chef named Aiden. In a mortifying twist of fate (for Cassie, at least), she finds that her new boss and her old…fan…are one in the same.

I absolutely loved this contemporary romance! It checks all the boxes you want in a cartoon cover romance: an awkward but lovable main character, a super hot love interest, a precocious child, and the sassy (and elderly!) best friend. Seriously, Wanda is our QUEEN. Oh, and it has ALL the spice. Lana is a master at crafting scenes—this book is HOT.

I really appreciated some of the unexpected turns that this book took, as it kept me guessing. It’s low stakes so little stress on the reader, which I love, but the climaxes (ha, see what I did there) are so relatable. You want to scream at both Cassie and Aiden at times, but even the “villain” is someone whose motives you’ll grow to understand.

Lana Ferguson is an author to watch—I can’t wait to read all of her future books and see how high she soars.

The Nanny by Lana Ferguson releases on April 11, 2023, but you can preorder here or wherever you buy your books!

Love and Pancakes,