It's the first day of November which means that it is officially time to celebrate ME, not Christmas (despite what Mandy will tell you). It is also release day for podcast favorite author, Amber D. Lewis! That's right, Star-Crossed: Cal's Story is out today! I realized I never wrote a blog post after reading an early copy so I re-read this sweet novella today (my signed copy came yesterday!) and here's my official review.

Cal has been a constant in the Fire and Starlight Saga from its conception and he finally gets to take the stage in this novella. We get to watch Cal meet Makin for the first time and the start of their incredible friendship. If you read The Starlight in the Shadows (which you definitely should before reading this novella because spoilers), you'll recall an interaction between Cal and Makin that Cal tells Astra about and we get to see it unfold in this book. There is also a surprise cameo that made my little heart squeal with joy.

I spent a majority of this book with a ridiculously goofy grin on my face. I loved being able to see things from Cal's perspective and hear inside his head. We've said it repeatedly on the podcast, but Cal is the kind of friend that everyone needs in their life. Seeing Cal meet Makin makes my heart swell with joy because their friendship and love for each other is one of the greatest relationships to ever exist.

Amber has a reputation for ripping my heart out and making me feel strong emotions regularly. That being said, this story has so much good and happy stuff that I spent a lot of the time holding my breath and waiting for the pain to come. After reading The Starlight in the Shadows, you know exactly how this story ends and yet it still hits you right in the feels anyways.

I will never shut up about Amber D. Lewis and her Fire and Starlight Saga. If you haven't already read this series, what are you waiting for?! Get signed copies directly from Amber's website here or pick up your copy wherever you get your books! The Night the Stars FellScars: Alak's StoryThe Starlight in the Shadows, and now Star-Crossed: Cal's Story are all available and ready to cause you emotional damage (in the best way possible).