There are a lot of things wrong in this country and one of them is the Troubled Teen Industry. Liz Ianelli, known around the world as Survivor993, dives into what it was like living inside of one such institution for “troubled teens” - and how it didn’t end once she was out.

I went into this book nearly completely blind, only having a casual knowledge of the Troubled Teen Industry. And boy did I get an education! Ianelli holds absolutely nothing back and everyone should take notice.

With the help of others who were there at the time due to gaps in her memory, she tells her story, starting from the very moment she joins The Family - and in as much detail as possible. It is a terrifyingly eye-opening story that made me want to burn down the world and just start all over.

While telling her story, Ianelli also introduces us to the people she meets along the way - the monsters who perpetuate the abuse and fellow victims who also had their lives taken away from them. It is horrifying to know that this level of abuse exists in the world and that there are many people out there that think it is okay. But along with that horror, there is also inspiration as Ianelli and others fight to get these places shut down and end the abuse.

Though a story of horrors, this book is also a story of triumph and resilience. Ianelli wrote this first and foremost for fellow survivors, to remind them that they aren’t alone, that they can survive, that they can win against the TTI. She tells a story to open our eyes and, hopefully, spur outrage and bring forth change.

I SEE YOU, SURVIVOR by Liz Ianelli with Bret Witter is available now and you can grab a copy here.

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