Sorority house mom Becca Fairfield is no stranger to the dumpster fire that is dating men. She thought things were starting to look up after a great first date and steamy kiss with football coach (and next door neighbor) Harrison Cooper, but then he completely ghosts her. She’s tired of being “too much” for her dates so she’s focusing on her job and the girls under her care.

Now the holidays have arrived and a blizzard is on the horizon. The girls have all gone home for the holidays and the house is empty, but Becca is prepared with hot cocoa and plenty of books to keep her company. Unfortunately, she’s underestimated the severity of the storm and finds herself in a panic when the power goes out. That’s when Harrison swoops in with an offer to shelter together until the storm passes. She would be an idiot to refuse, but things get complicated when cuddling for warmth turns into something more.

A grumpy/sunshine, second chance, forced proximity love story that gave Hallmark movie vibes, this story was a quick, joyful read. Becca was incredibly relatable, especially when she starts her nervous ramblings. Harrison gives off grumpy vibes, but the chapters from his POV prove that he’s not quite as grumpy as one would think. It's clear neither of them has forgotten about the chemistry they once shared before Harrison made it awkward as hell by ghosting Becca.

Speaking of which, the history between the pair plays a prominent part in the story though we don’t see any of it unfold on the page. There is a lot of mention of the date and kiss that they shared, but I think the story would have been elevated a bit by some flashbacks to those moments rather just having the characters revisit them in their internal dialogue.

That being said, I don't think I could've handled more miscommunication so I'm also kind of glad we didn't get those moments on the page. As the pair get closer, they are also both trying hard to keep their feelings in check and a secret from the other. It all comes to a head in everyone's favorite trope to hate - miscommunication. It's made worse by the fact that you see the miscommunication play out from both POVs, which made me internally scream at them both for being idiots.

While the love story between Becca and Harrison was nice, I found myself loving their interactions with others more, especially when they both finally start standing up for themselves. There are definitely some toxic family members (and some toxic actions by loving family members) that needed to be put in their place and it was a joy to see both characters find encouragement from the other to be able to make their stand. Additionally, the love and care that both had for the kids in their care (the sorority girls for Becca and the football players for Harrison) warmed my heart.

If you’re looking for a light, quick read that will help you escape the real world for a few hours, make a cup of cocoa and then grab a copy of SNOWED IN FOR CHRISTMAS by Jaqueline Snowe here. A warm blanket is optional, but highly encouraged.

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