Socialite Lexi North is your typical rich girl: spoiled, entitled, and has never had to work for anything in her life. Mechanic Evan Bailey just wants to find a way to save his family’s auto shop and raise his niece in peace. But when Lexi accidentally rear-ends Evan’s car, both their lives get thrown off course. After a tense encounter at the auto shop the next day is caught on camera by Evan’s niece, the pair find themselves agreeing to a bet: trading lives (and bank accounts) for two months to see who has it harder. Each of them has their own motivations to follow through, but things get complicated when the chemistry between them hits a melting point.

This book was exactly what you would expect it to be going in. It’s a quick, fun read with decent spice. Lexi is exactly as insufferable as you’d expect from an entitled socialite and Evan is wonderfully the opposite (though he does have his moments). Each goes through their own transformation throughout the story and, again, nothing really surprises you about where the story goes.

The entire book plays out exactly as you’d expect it, down to the miscommunication trope that leads to the third act breakup. Lexi and Evan do exactly what you’d expect, but there are a couple of stand out side characters that I wouldn’t mind getting to know better. Despite the predictability of the story, Duvall gives readers a nice couple hours of escape from reality with this story and it’s a decent time.

TRADING PLACES by Emily Duvall is available now and you can pick up a copy here.

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