Look, I've made no secrets that I'm obsessed with everything Amber D. Lewis writes. The woman is magic, okay? Like the TikTok trend says: "if she has a million fans, I'm one of them. If she has one fan, it's me. If she has no fans, I'm dead"...or something like that.

I read Star-Crossed: Cal's Story yesterday and needed a minute to process my heartache. (You know by now: book heartache is good heartache.) Just like we did in Scars with Alak, Star-Crossed gives us Cal's backstory--how did he come to be part of Ehren's guard? How did he and Makin meet? 

We've talked about it on the podcast a few times, but it bears repeating: everyone should have a friend like Cal. I love all of the characters, but you really do want someone like Cal in your corner. We work through Cal's trauma alongside him, and ache with him. (I wish I could go into more details, but alas! Spoilers!)

The last chapter ripped my heart from my body. I knew it would likely be present in the novella, but oooof. My feelings!

Don't mind me, I'll just be dying here until the Stardust in the Shadows comes out!

Also, I should point out that I was raving like a lunatic about how much I enjoyed Star-Crossed: Cal's Story after I finished reading it last night and my thirteen year old niece immediately snatched up my Kindle. She didn't surface for an hour, and only did then because dinner was ready. I have a feeling she and her sister will also be Amber D. Lewis fangirls before too long!

Star-Crossed: Cal's Story is available for preorder now here!

Love at the Gilded Goblet,