June Farrow is the last of the Farrow line - and she means to keep it that way. Upon her grandmother’s death (and with the family curse looming), June starts finding clues that link her mother to a past the town of Jasper, North Carolina can’t seem to let go of. As she embarks on a journey that will bring her the answers she is desperately searching for, June will risk everything - past, present, and future - and put the one thing on the line that she has held close for her entire life - her heart.

This story has a strong grip on my heart and my soul and I can’t see it ever letting go. Adrienne paints a beautiful picture of this small town that had this born-and-raised city dweller wanting to pack up and move to the country. Not only does the story have that magical small town feel to it, it is also filled with sweeping imagery that fully immerses the reader into the world of Jasper. It’s never made sense to me why people would choose to move to the South, but after reading this book, I can absolutely see the appeal.

Going into this story, I didn’t know much outside of the Goodreads description and I’m truly glad that’s all I had. It’s been said many times before, but this is the kind of story that you want to go into with as little information as possible. You are taken on a journey alongside June that unravels in unexpected - but magical - ways that leave you feeling breathless by the end.

June is surrounded by a full cast of characters that all worm their way into your heart, each playing a big part in her story in so many different ways. By the time June reaches a point where she has a difficult decision to make, you have become so attached that you don’t even know what decision you hope she’ll make. I desperately found myself wanting her to be able to make both sides work but, in the end, it’s more impactful because she makes the choice. But my god. My heart is aching just thinking about it.

With a deft hand and her signature magic, Adrienne Young has crafted a dazzling story that will make you believe in love and fate again. Filled to the brim with magic, romance, and a touch of the impossible, THE UNMAKING OF JUNE FARROW has probably changed my brain chemistry and will live forever rent-free in my mind from this day on and into the next life. Preorder your copy here so you can enjoy the magic when this book hits shelves on October 17, 2023. You can get 25% off at Barnes & Noble with code BIRDIE25 or grab a signed and personalized copy (with a packet of custom wildflower seeds while supplies last!) at Bookmarks before release day.

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