Two blog posts in a day?! Who even am I?!

I was fortunate enough to receive an advanced audio copy of New Adult by Timothy Janovsky who is, after You're a Mean One, Matthew Prince, an auto-buy author for me. New Adult was no exception: I loved this story!

Nolan Baker is an up-and-coming comedian in New York City, who knows (and is so confident in, which we love) his own potential. Unfortunately, his family doesn't buy into the dream. Sure, his parents "support" him, but they (and his sister) are consistently waiting for him to find a "real" job and start a career. The only person who truly supports him is his best friend and roommate, Drew Techler. After a series of not so great dates in a quest for a date to his sister's wedding, Nolan realizes that he's in love with Drew, and plans to tell him during the reception. That is, until his phone rings and a legendary agent asks Nolan to fill in for an uber famous comic--right now. Nolan is sure he can get to the set and back to the reception before anyone realizes he's missing, but, as you can guess, all does not go to plan. Everyone (and I mean everyone) is disappointed in Nolan, and he ends the night alone, wishing on a mysterious set of crystals he got in his wedding favor bag.

When Nolan wakes up the next morning, it's seven years in the future and there's a hot, naked man in his bed. In his own massive place. Paid for by his mega-success as a famous comic. All of Nolan's dreams have seemingly come true...except that no one he loves (including Drew) wants anything to do with him. In this 13 Going on 30 twist of fate, Nolan has to repair all of his relationships and find the root of what went wrong, without memories from the past 7 years to help him. He finally convinces Drew to help him, and together, they work to piece together how this time jump could have happened, and, more importantly, how to get Nolan back to the past before those years, and relationships, are gone forever.

I mentioned that Timothy Janovsky is an auto-buy author for me, and because of that, I didn't know what I was going into with New Adult. I hadn't read a synopsis, or seen anything other than the author's name, the cover, and the book title. That said, and as expected, I LOVED this book! Timothy really has a way with pulling you in to the characters in a way that makes you feel as if they're you're best friend...and when they make mistakes, you're screaming at the book, begging them to see sense. I genuinely couldn't stop listening, and read this entire book while reorganizing my library one afternoon. It was a lovely, quick read that was fast-paced, funny, and heartfelt. 

Seriously, do yourself a favor and go buy every one of Timothy Janovsky's books. You can start by pre-ordering New Adult here or here!

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