Since we are chatting with Lisa Lin on the podcast soon, I wanted to make sure I read The Rachel Experiment so that I could properly gush over it with her and Karin. Lisa sent us digital galleys, but I hadn't gotten around to opening it on my Kindle quite yet.

Enter Somehow, by sheer coincidence, had an early copy of the audiobook for The Rachel Experiment available so I was able to listen while I worked and experience Rachel in the same way I fell in love with Cecily in The Year of Cecily. Kismet, right?

In The Rachel Experiment, we get Rachel's story. We got to meet her in The Year of Cecily, and she was such an interesting side character that I'm so thankful Lisa made Rachel front and center next. Rachel is a painfully awkward (but lovable) financial analyst who is kinda-forced kinda-excited to have her job relocated from NYC to San Francisco. Her family? Not exactly thrilled, especially with her sister's upcoming wedding. Rachel is overwhelmed to say the least, and a chance encounter in a bar leads to a one night stand...which was absolutely shocking behavior for the Rachel we've known so far, even if there was a little help from tequila. Luke is a handsome southern gentleman (and lawyer!) who helps Rachel to...relax. Quite a few times. If you catch my drift.

Rachel dips out early in the morning, but thankfully, there's another chance encounter where Luke is able to propose a (non-sexual) deal: he'll help her learn how to be more sociable and less awkward, if she'll help him with a financial plan to open his own practice. But, can people with this much chemistry stay friends?

I really enjoyed this book! I loved watching as Rachel came out of her shell a little bit and let herself live. She put so much pressure on herself to be "social," but is so overly anxious that she ends up sabotaging herself, which was so relatable as someone who is more naturally shy than they let on. Rachel and Luke's relationship is also easy to follow and support, but my favorite thing about this book was the female friendships: Cecily and Adrienne were such good friends to Rachel and to each other! There is a brief "your next" line said to Adrienne, and I'm hoping that that is a teaser--I would LOVE a book about Adrienne. She's so dry and witty that I can just imagine a book about her would be fun!

This was such a quick, low stakes read that was just what the doctor ordered to help curb some of my romantasy book hangover after Fourth Wing

The Rachel Experiment by Lisa Lin releases on May 16, but you can preorder your copy here now!

Love and blended Thanksgiving menus,


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